Zane lost his first tooth!

Zane lost his first tooth!
A mixture of pride, bewilderment, and excitement accompanied this morning’s milestone. Zane lost his first tooth, thanks to a Ghiardelli milk chocolate caramel square. (Yes, sometimes my kids eat candy in the morning, though not regularly!)

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Lillia and Zane first day of school 2017 (8th grade & 1st grade)

First Day of School 2017 – 8th grade and 1st grade
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now we are six

When I was One, I had just begun. When I was Two, I was nearly new.
When I was Three, I was hardly me. When I was Four, I was not much more.
When I was Five, I was just alive. But now I am Six, I’m as clever as clever,
So I think I’ll be six now for ever and ever.

—A.A. Milne

If only our Zane could be six for ever and ever. Although he is growing up fast, at least he will stay little for a few more years. We celebrated Zane’s sixth birthday yesterday, with great fanfare. He delights in being a prince for the day, and we are happy to pay due deference. Perhaps it is because he is the youngest (and mostly likely last) child, but I just cannot help spoiling him. It might also have something to do with that winsome smile. Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you!

zane sixth birthday 1
zane sixth birthday 2
zane sixth birthday 3
zane sixth birthday 4
zane sixth birthday 5
zane sixth birthday collage

the newly bespectacled

Lillia new glasses 1
Lillia new glasses 2
Lillia new glasses 3

lubec 2017

Lubec 1
Lubec 2
Lubec 3
Lubec 4
Lubec collage 1
Lubec 5
Lubec collage 2
Lubec 37
Lubec 38
Lubec 7
Lubec 10
Lubec 11
Lubec 12
Lubec collage 4
Lubec 17
Lubec collage 3
Lubec 18
Lubec 19
Lubec 20
Lubec collage 5
Lubec 21
Lubec collage 6
Lubec 26
Lubec collage 7
Lubec 39
Lubec collage 8
Lubec 31
Lubec collage 9
Lubec 35

[Note: Lillia is conspicuously absent from these pictures. She decided to go to camp this year, instead of coming on the family vacation. That seemed like the right choice for everyone’s sanity! You can see pictures from past vacations in Lubec here.]