Zane Turns 8

I say this every year, but it really is difficult to believe that Zane is now eight! This birthday is extra special because Zane is now the same age his sister was when he was born—this is the only year in his whole life when he will be exactly half her age.

Zane’s one request for his birthday was to go swimming with his best friend Joe, so that’s what he did! Unfortunately, shortly after coming home from the pool Zane said his tummy didn’t feel very good. We decided to freeze the birthday cake and reschedule the sleepover for later in the weekend, but we did make sure to sing to him and let him blow out the candles on the birthday ring. He got a few books and some new sketchbooks, but his big birthday present is a freshwater aquarium—it’s more of a long-term project because there’s a lot to learn about keeping fish!

Happy Birthday, Zane! We love you!

Zane turns 8 - 1
Zane turns 8 collage 1
Zane turns 8 - 4
Zane turns 8 - 5
Zane turns 8 - 6
Last day at the pool.
Zane's 8th birthday cake - 1
Zane's 8th birthday cake - 2
Zane turns 8 - 7
Zane turns 8 - 8
Zane turns 8 collage 2
Zane turns 8 - 9
Zane turns 8 - 10
Zane turns 8 - 11

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