Lillia 1 of 52 (2017)
Zane 1 of 52 (2017)
Lillia 2 of 52 (2017)
Zane 2 of 52 (2017)
Lillia 3 of 52 (2017)
Zane 3 of 52 (2017)
Lillia 4 of 52 (2017)
Zane 4 of 52 (2017)

Lillia: This month you’ve been planning and scheming about fun things to do with your friends. I am really happy that you are interested in cultivating your friendships – socializing can be fraught with peril at your age and I think sometimes you are intimidated by that prospect. I can’t say I blame you, and I think you are right to be cautious (but optimistic). You’ve been working on setting up a Dungeons & Dragons group for your friends at our house, with your dad serving as the Dungeon Master (he has some experience in this area). It finally came together one Saturday afternoon and you all had a great time. Your next big plan is to go to New York City with your friend to see a musical – how exciting! We’ll do our best to make it happen.

Zane: This month brought you many “firsts.” You made your first gingerbread house; you welcomed your first baby cousin, sweet little Kyla; you made kolacky (pronounced “ko-loch-ky”), a yummy Slovak cookie, for the first time with Mémé; and you attended your first dance class at Moco. What a busy month! You also received your very first “Academic Best” award from the school principal—you are so proud of your medal. This year I’m going to try and share more of the things you say. Here are a couple of recent gems.

A conversation we had:
Zane: Sometimes Joe has peanut butter and Donatello sandwiches for lunch.
Mama: Donatello? I’m not sure what that is . . .
Zane: You know, it’s like melted chocolate?
Mama: Oh, Nutella!

A quote from Zane:
You know what I love about living on the Earth? That my feet aren’t actually touching the ground – there’s a tiny crack between my feet and the ground. So, it’s like I’m floating.

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    • January 27, 2017 / 2:53 pm

      I regret that I haven’t written down most of his priceless sayings…he’s had some good ones!

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