9 // 52

Lillia 9 of 52 (2016)
Zane 9 of 52 (2016)

“A portrait of my children every week in 2016.”

Lillia: This week was your school’s annual Academic Fair. Now that you’re in sixth grade you are expected to participate fully by doing a project and a presentation. Your grade had to choose a country to study, and then you had to execute a multi-disciplinary project that involved writing an essay, designing and making a large poster, and then creating some sort of take-away. You chose to research Thailand, so we made some tasty Thai green curry with jasmine rice. It was a big hit, and you did an awesome job on your presentation!

Zane: I’m happy to report that you’re no longer covering your eyes at drop-off. You seem more settled and comfortable at school, which allows me to relax. Last weekend you went tubing with Nanny and Papa for the first time (while we were away in Boston). According to Nanny, you had a blast! At first you went down the hill coupled up with your grandparents and Lillia, but as soon as you saw other kids going down on their own, you had to do it by yourself, too. You are a speed-loving child with no fear—I dread the day you get your license!

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