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Lillia 6 of 52 (2016)
Zane 6 of 52 (2016)

“A portrait of my children every week in 2016.”

Lillia: This week you auditioned for your school’s play. You frequently talk about wanting to be an actress, but sometimes you are reluctant to get involved in community theater. I think this is mostly due to the time commitment—you need a lot of time to relax! But, a play at school is the perfect opportunity. You learned on Friday that you were cast as Count Downe, an evil scientist of some kind. You were really pleased and said you enjoyed playing “bad guys” because they are usually more interesting characters. I can’t wait see you on-stage!

Zane: This week you are doing much better at drop-off, I think largely due to your own ingenuity. I noticed that this week when it was time for me to leave, you would wait in the cubby area, covering your eyes and counting. I asked you, gently, if this was an idea you had so that you wouldn’t have to physically see me leave. You said that it was. I am amazed at your coping skills, and I do think that you enjoy school most of the time, but it still makes me feel terrible to leave you like that. I know you’d rather be home. Being a working mom is tough—and, I know I’m not alone in my desire to be in two places at once.

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