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Lillia 4 of 52 (2016)
Zane 4 of 52 (2016)

“A portrait of my children every week in 2016.”

Lillia: This week you moved up to the next level in your hip hop class. You have been taking these classes since, well, I can barely remember it was so long ago—maybe first grade? In any case, you had been cruising along and were doing well, but due to the nature of how the classes are ranked you were in a high level class with much younger children and you felt a little embarrassed about it. All of your friends are in the slightly less technically advanced class that starts an hour later. So, we enrolled you in the later class, but your first session with the older kids didn’t go as smoothly as you had hoped. You were a little overwhelmed by the speed of everything—you knew the moves, but were used to a slower pace. I think you might be regretting your decision to move up, but you said you will give it two more weeks to see how it goes. [Update: Everything is going great three weeks in—Lil caught up quickly and is really enjoying the challenge.]

Zane: This week you have been really interested in imagination games! You are really enjoying pretending to be a mailman the most (hence the costume, above). You also frequently like to be a milkman. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but you really want to be a milkman. It was your turn to be VIP at school on Friday and so you decided that you wanted to show everyone your milkman costume and toy milk bottle set. As it turns out, your teachers actually let you give a presentation to your whole class (see picture here). You told them about what a milkman’s job used to be, and how over time the industry went into decline. You and your sister are such unique, interesting people—what a blessing it is to be your mother.

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  1. February 13, 2016 / 11:01 pm

    These are unique children because they have unique, imaginative and wonderful parents!

  2. February 14, 2016 / 4:33 am

    Wonderful family…Love my cousins!!

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