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18 // 52 // Lillia
18 // 52 // Zane

“A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Lillia: This week you have been much happier, and that is a relief. The highlight of your week was your first school dance on Friday! The fifth graders were invited to attend the last middle school dance of the year, and you were really excited. I felt a little emotional about it, of course. How can my baby be old enough to attend a school dance??? You came home pretty tired and sweaty, and reported that it was both the best and worst experience of your life. You said that only the fifth graders danced, and that you drank 1.5 cans of Sprite. I guess I should really come to terms with the fact that in just a few months you will be a real middle schooler. You also brought home your report card and we are all SO PROUD OF YOU for earning straight A’s! As I’ve said before, the grade isn’t everything, but you worked really hard to pull your B+ in Science up to an A and that deserves some accolades. Great job, Lillia!

Zane: This week we have been living outside. We’ve been doing tons of yard work, moving plants around, putting other plants in. You are such a huge help to me, and I really appreciate that. You’re so excited about all of the little pea shoots that have sprouted up! My favorite Zane story of the week is as follows: You came home from school on Tuesday and said, “Guess what I did at circle today, Mom?” I was thinking, oh, no, what did he do? Then he said, “I hugged a girl!” I said, “Oh, that’s very nice of you — why did you hug her?” To which you replied, “I had to hug her because she had a flower on her shirt and she looked so beautiful!” My heart just about shattered from the cuteness. (I hope the little girl didn’t mind being hugged.) Zane-a-roo, you are quite the little love bug!

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