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16 // 52 // Lillia
16 // 52 // Zane

“A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Lillia: This week was school vacation week. As soon as you learned that many of your friends and classmates were going away for the week, you expressed your displeasure at the fact that we never go anywhere. I remember this a little bit from my own childhood; my mom stayed home with us for a long time so for most of my childhood we lived on one income, meaning that we couldn’t go to Disney World or the Caribbean during every school vacation. And, your dad and I have made the same choice for our family. This is something you probably cannot appreciate now, but I hope that someday you will look back and feel that the trade-off was worth it. We can’t travel the world just yet, but you do have a mom who picks you up from school everyday, who is home so that you don’t have to go to school when you are sick, who is home during the summer so that you can go to the pool instead of going to camp. I hope you will find some value in that someday.

Zane: This week was your school vacation week, too. The weather hasn’t been stupendous, but we have been getting out as much as we can. You’ve been working really hard on learning how to use your scooter. I swear, nothing in the world is more adorable than a tiny little guy zooming around on a scooter. You were helping me do yard work, too, with your new wheelbarrow. We finished clearing out all of the flower beds, and we raked the whole backyard so the new grass can grow. I appreciate your help so much, and I love that you just instinctively want to be helpful without being asked. In fact, I think sometimes I could use a little less help…no, not really, I’m just kidding! Your desire to help seems to grow out of your desire to be involved in everything I do, to participate, and to learn; that is a wonderful thing.

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