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“A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Lillia: This week you were desperately rummaging around in our dress-up clothes for something you could wear for “Princess Day” (just for the record, I’m not sure I love this concept). The whole exercise was made more difficult by the fact that you are now the size a full-grown person — most of our dress-up clothes are made to fit child-sized people. We lucked out and found an old Halloween costume that I wore many, many years ago. It was a little large, but overall it fit better than the tiny things we were trying to squeeze you into before we found it. I think it’s interesting, and sweet, that you were determined to participate in Princess Day. As you said, “This may be the only time people see me in a dress.” While that may be an exaggeration, you do have a penchant for more masculine formal wear, and I think you look just perfect in a bowtie! Never be someone you’re not just to make others happy.

Zane: This week you actually went to school! Snow days, illnesses and delays have kept you out of school so many days this year, and this month is no exception. When I came to pick you up I was amused to see all of the little preschoolers sliding down a small hill on their bottoms. Because of the order of weather events — snow, then rain, then cold temperatures — the schoolyard now has quite the slick sliding hill! Of course, your teachers were trying to keep you all off the REALLY slippery part, but the second they looked away you booked it for the top and went straight to the prohibited area, happily zooming down the icy hill at high speed. You are an imp! I have a feeling that many calls home from the school are in my future…

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