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“A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Lillia: This week you had a “Harry Potter Party” at school. You were so excited about it!!! You and Daddy read all of the Harry Potter books together, and you’ve read them again to yourself several times, including The Prisoner of Azkaban at school with all of your classmates. The party was to celebrate finishing the book, and everyone got to make a wand and dress up as a character. You decided you wanted to go as Nymphadora Tonks, and you insisted that you needed to have colorful hair so you borrowed a wig from your friend. I think you make a pretty endearing Tonks.

Zane: This week it snowed! You were so amazed by it, and you really enjoyed playing in it with your sister. You made snow hills and then tried to slide down them (yes, we got that much snow!). Now you’re big enough to really play in the snow — no more being stuck sitting in a snowbank watching the “big kids” play without you! It’s so fun to watch you experience the change of seasons because this year you seem much more aware of your surroundings. Everything is exciting to you, which makes it exciting to me, too. What a gift to be your mother and see everything fresh and new through your eyes.

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