40 // 52

40 // 52 // Lillia & Zane collage

“A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Lillia: This week things returned to normal and you are no longer living the life of a Broadway star. In all seriousness, I do think that you hold your head a little higher now. Maybe you learned something about yourself during that week of rehearsals and performances. You also took your semi-annual MAPs test and scored above average in math, which is great! You were disappointed that you didn’t meet your goal (you were only off by a few points) but we are all very proud of you. Your reading & language scores are so, so, so high that sometimes it must be frustrating that math doesn’t come so easily. But, we humans are asynchronous in lots of ways and your math skills are improving everyday. I bet you will see an even higher score on your next test.

Zane: This week you were healthy again!…for two days. By Friday your nose was running. At first, I was willing to believe it was anything but a cold — surely you must be allergic to something! But, no, you were sick again. Your poor little immune system just isn’t prepared to be bathed in all of these preschool viruses. Despite all of your illnesses you are still chugging along and going about your life as normally as possible. You have become VERY interested in letters and text lately. You always want to identify the letters you know when you see them around the house or out in the world. And, you often want me to read you little bits of text on magazines, greeting cards, or wherever you find it. I wonder, will you be a gifted reader like your sister? Even though you are quite young I have been brainstorming ways to meet this need, that you are so clearly demonstrating, to become literate.

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