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First Day of School 2014 – 5th grade and Morning Preschool

“A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Lillia: This week you became a Middle School-er! Hooray! You seem to be be enjoying school so far, with your only major complaints being the heat (why is it always blazingly hot the first week of school?), the awkwardness of having to change into your gym clothes in front of other people, and the stress of not being able to remember much of the multiplication tables. On the other hand, you’ve been thrilled about seeing your friends again. I’ve noticed that you’re mildly preoccupied with others’s perceptions of you this year, which I don’t think bothered you very much in the past. Don’t forget: you are awesome just the way you are.

Zane: This week you started preschool! You weren’t upset at all when I dropped you off and you wanted to hop right into the action. I left you playing Play-Doh with a couple of other little kids who looked about your age. You were really happy to see me when I first came to pick you up, but then you went and hid under a climber. When I bent down to look in, you threw a couple of handfuls of wood chips at me. Even brave little boys have mixed emotions about being without their mama for a few hours. But, you said you really wanted to go back next week so I think it was a big success overall.

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