garden 2014 // weeks 6 & 7

I know I haven’t been posting very much lately but I have a legitimate reason: my laptop is broken and is currently being repaired. Zane somehow managed to destroy the power jack, so now the battery won’t charge. I never realized how much I relied on having my own computer, until I didn’t have one. Thankfully, Damian is kind enough to let me use his desktop to edit photos and write posts, though I have to battle the tween for time to do so. These past couple weeks of gardening have been a serious lesson in humility for me. It’s not that I was ever really bragging, but looking back through my first month or so of garden posts one might assume that everything was coming up roses (or tomatoes, so to speak) and that perhaps I was just a naturally talented gardener. But, then things got real. First there was the blossom end rot, now…the blight . Oh, the horrible blight!!! My poor tomato plants are losing many of their lower (and some middle) leaves, and I am so scared that the plants will die before the fruit ripens. Stupid nature! Why must everything be a competition? I just want to grow a very humble garden — can’t you just leave me be? Obviously, the answer is no. Besides that, everything is doing great. We even have little cucumbers — so cute! — and we harvested some summer squash this week, too. Zane is so excited every time we go out there to see what might be ready. Despite the hassles it’s totally worth it because his joy trumps blight any day of the week.

garden 2014 // weeks seven & eight 1
garden 2014 // weeks seven & eight 2
squash collage
garden 2014 // weeks seven & eight 3
garden 2014 // weeks six & seven 4
garden 2014 // weeks six & seven 3

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