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Well, I really dropped the ball on my “photo an hour” project — I only did it once! However, I recently came across a similar concept that sounded really interesting: the 10 on 10 project. The goal is to take ten photos on the 10th of every month, which works out to about one photo an hour for most of the day. The challenging aspect about this project is that my photos seem to vary in quality throughout the day. I didn’t take enough photos to really be selective, and that’s something to consider going forward. Out of the final 10 I selected one or two I like quite a bit, a couple of them are okay, and the rest are not very good. But, I can’t get a do-over! I’ll try again next month.

10 on 10 // july 1
10 on 10 // july 2
10 on 10 // july 3
10 on 10 // july 4
10 on 10 // july 5
10 on 10 // july 6
10 on 10 // july 7
10 on 10 // july 8
10 on 10 // july 9
10 on 10 // july 11

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