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22 // 52 // Lillia
22 // 52 // Zane

“A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Lillia: It seems like everything is happening all at once this week! Today you are attempting to earn your “brown belt” in Karate Math (a program used by the school to help kids learn their multiplication & division facts). Regardless of the outcome, I just want you to know how proud I am of how far you’ve progressed since you went back to school in October. You didn’t know any multiplication or division six months ago, and now you know pretty much all the facts — and you learned them all on your own! On top of that huge achievement you also have your big dance performance this weekend. Yesterday when I dropped you off for rehearsal you were happy and cheerful, and didn’t even need (want?) me to come in with you. I cannot believe how much you have matured this year; it can be a little overwhelming at times, but I feel so lucky to be your mother and that I get the chance to watch you change & grow.

Zane: This week you have been helping me get our raised beds ready for planting. On Tuesday we got a delivery of loam to fill the beds and you were SO excited because the delivery man let YOU push the button that raises the truck bed and dumps the dirt! I think you would be perfectly content to be a dirt delivery man someday (though I was told that it loses its thrill after the first couple of days). We also got a delivery of sand for your sandbox, which attracted a whole flock of neighborhood kids. You were thrilled to have so many little people to play with you and you really enjoyed showing off all of your trucks.

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