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21 // 52 // Lillia
21 // 52 // Zane

“A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Lillia: Well, it happened. Last night you came to me and said, “Can you promise me that you don’t bring all of my Christmas presents?” Sorry, kiddo. I played along for almost 11 years, but I won’t make a promise that is a blatant lie. It all started when you were reading my blog, and for some reason you were reading all of the entries — even back to 2011! I happened to make a post way back then about finding and purchasing your play kitchen, which we told you was from “Santa.” Certainly there were times in your life when you questioned whether or not Santa was real, but we were always able to keep the fire burning without telling an outright lie. For some reason that was an important distinction for me. You were sad to learn the truth, and there were some tears, but you said you were happy to have had the experience and you want Zane to keep believing for awhile. So, now you’ve been “initiated.” Knowledge is a tricky thing: on one side of the coin there is truth and power, and on the other there is sadness and disappointment. From here on out there are going to be many things that you learn about the world and the people in it that you really wish you could unlearn. But, there is no forgetting, and that is part of the human condition.

Zane: This week you have been saying the silliest things! I love that your language skills have progressed to the point where you can converse about the less concrete matters of life because toddler + abstract concepts = hilarity.
Here’s an example:
Me: Zane, look at your legs. They are so cute! I just want to eat them up!
Zane: You can not eat them. They are made of person! They are mettached to me!

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