lakebreeze village

Last weekend my daughter, Lillia, and my mom built a little fairy village in our backyard. Strategically placed just beyond the fence (possibly to keep little brothers out?), it sits atop an embankment that provides a lovely vista over the Mill Pond. Aptly named “Lakebreeze Village,” it is a gloriously colorful and bustling fairy haven. It is also very tiny, which gave me an excellent opportunity to do some practicing with my new 105mm macro lens. I love how the little plastic characters actually seem to come alive when you see them larger than life. Let’s meet some of them, shall we?

lakebreeze village 1
lakebreeze village 3
lakebreeze village 9
lakebreeze village 4
lakebreeze village 2
lakebreeze village 5
lakebreeze village 6
lakebreee village 7
lakebreeze village 8
P.S. I still believe in fairies, do you?

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