lillia turns 10!

My “baby” is a decade old. Wow.

[Note: I accidentally left my camera in my car overnight so the lens was too foggy to take decent pictures. I had to use Damian’s camera. I’m definitely not used to it anymore, so I apologize if the quality of these pictures is not great.]

Check out this amazing Minecraft cake that my mom made!

lillia birthday 1

Poor Lillia was so sick on her birthday. We had to pry her out of her bed.

lillia birthday 2

But, she perked up considerably once the presents appeared!

lillia birthday 3

lillia birthday 5

Zane was pretty pleased with his gift, as well. As you can see, he’s something of an expert when it comes to power tools.

lillia birthday 4

An adorable cat amidst the rubble.

lillia birthday 6

lillia birthday 7

If you ask her to smile these days, this is what you get.

lillia birthday 8

lillia birthday 9

lillia birthday 10

We love her anyway. Happy Birthday, sweet Lillia!

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