zane is two!

Here are some highlights from the big day:

A new sandbox! My parents (especially my dad) put a lot of work into this, and Zane loves it. In fact he lives in it. They also gave him a little balance bike which he is sure to grow into very soon. Lillia gives him “rides” (pushes) on it for the time being.


A new “computer” from Aunt Rachel. He was pretty darn pleased with himself when he discovered that he had his own laptop.


Some new trains from Mama & Dada.


And, of course, the birthday ring — one of our favorite family traditions. This year he chose his own peg people.


I should also add that my husband’s parents gave Zane lots of excellent gifts, as well, including a great DVD/CD set called “Twenty Trucks” that he loves. We discovered it on Youtube when we were looking for videos of trucks doing work. It’s a little campy, but surprisingly informative! Have you ever seen a feller buncher?!? I’m not a big fan of media for little kids but I am okay with him watching these videos occasionally. He probably knows more about construction vehicles than most adults! He also got some great books, a fun puzzle that makes sounds (he really like the cruise ship’s horn) and a little stuffed loon. Our rental house in Lubec has a clock that makes a loon call every hour, and he was quite taken with it so my mother-in-law thought she would get him his own little loon.

And, last but not least, a cute video (he’s eating an apple, in case you were wondering…)

Zane’s 2nd Birthday from Kelli Wilson on Vimeo.

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