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Fireweed, otherwise known as Chamerion angustifolium, grows everywhere in Washington County. You can see it on the sides of the road, and along the edge of the shore. The house we rent in Lubec has a huge patch of it growing on the side of the lawn facing the channel. The hummingbirds love this stuff, and you can hear their little wings beating furiously if you’re standing close enough. One evening I was lucky enough to have some time to photograph this beautiful plant during that special “golden hour” just before sunset. Of course, I had to act quickly because (as you can see in a couple of the photos) there was a thick, white fog rolling in from the southwest which obliterated everything within a few minutes of my finishing the shoot.


DSC_0957 color fix

DSC_0970 color fix

DSC_0971 hummingbird 2

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