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Every year that I’ve gone to Lubec with my in-laws we have stayed in the same house. In fact, it feels like a second home at this point. The house is located on the West Quoddy Head peninsula, just a mile or so from the Easternmost point in the US — the closest one can get to Europe while still standing on land owned by one of the fifty states. The state park at the West Quoddy Head Light is one of my favorite places in Lubec (I’ll post photos of it later in the week). The rental house is an older home, with the owner’s photos and trinkets covering every wall and surface. Even though the original owner has since passed away, her daughter has left it mostly in the same condition that her mother did while she was living there. There are two large windows facing the water and at night you can see the lights of the town of Lubec sparkling on the other side of the channel. I thought it might be nice to post some photos from around the house and yard so others can get a sense of the place we enjoy so much — the starting point of all of our adventures.














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