You write: “Before you think I’m being unnecessarily dramatic.”

Actually I would argue the other way. My father worked for the old Keene National Bank, which then became Indian Head, Fleet, and finally Bank of America. I watched his dreams go too. And the other banks too: Cheshire County Savings Bank, Ashuelot Bank, Cheshire National Bank. And the pharmacies. And the food and neighborhood stores. All given over in the name of “progress.” Opening up the forces of creative destruction. Opening up manufacturing in China, especially rewarding them with free trade after the mass murder of Tiananmen Square…. Our manufacturing base largely gone. Our communities opening collapsing now, finding bodies of the overdosed behind Owl Stadium, in Ashuelot Park, rooms of the old Valley Green. Replaced by cyber communities “in the Cloud.” But you are right. With death comes peace. One day we will all be at rest.