garden 2014 // week 1

I’m pleased to say that, despite the trials and tribulations involved in getting everything set up, our vegetable garden is doing great! We purchased plants that were already started, but even after just a week I can definitely see a difference. Some of them have grown a lot! We have both beds planted now and I’ll include a garden plan in my next post so you can see what we planted and where. I ended up putting some chicken wire over the tops of the plants (I cut holes for them, which was a huge pain) because we have so many free-roaming cats around here (5 of them!). I don’t want any kitties to think my raised beds are their personal toilets. So far it’s working great and the cats haven’t bothered my veggies. If anyone local has the same problem, I have a ton of chicken wire leftover and you’re welcome to have some of it.

garden 2014 // week one 1
garden 2014 // week one 2
garden collage 2
garden 2014 // week one 3
garden 2014 // week one 4
garden 2014 // week one 5
garden beds tilt shift

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